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Commercial Construction

We offer commercial construction services, providing a single source of contact in partnership with the owner, architect, and builder to expedite the overall construction process. We work with our clients step by step, from the conceptual stage through full completion, to ensure their complete satisfaction.


Early Learning Center – Trinidad, CO


This project required new construction of a 10,000 sq. ft. learning center and playground. Construction elements included slab on grade construction; grading; excavation; utilities; concrete; wood frame structure erection; roofing; mechanical, electrical, plumbing work; and all finishes.  AGC overcame a seven month deadline to complete construction and obtain a Certificate of Occupancy prior to the expiration of the owner’s existing facility lease. Other challenges included budget, weather, and distance from AGC’s home office.  AGC formed relationships with local contractors to complete the work within the short time frame.

AGC value engineered project elements saving the owner over $30,000 and provided a full time project manager, safety manager, and project superintendent dedicated exclusively to this project. AGC was commended by the owner, community, end users, and the Mayor of Trinidad for delivering an exceptionally well built project and meeting the scheduling and budget needs.

“The ability of Aztec personnel to identify the necessary requirements and the initiatives to proactively act upon the delivery of those requirements, coupled with the highest levels of craftsmanship and professionalism proves Aztec to be an outstanding General Contractor for any construction project.”
John Hurtado, EBSI President/CEO


Tenant Finish

We provide commercial Tenant Finish services as well as complete construction services.   We understand the need to complete all projects on time, and help our clients begin producing revenue, and utilizing their facility for which it was intended.


Rhinos Sports and Spirits – Colorado Springs, CO

AGC completed an interior remodel of this sports bar and grill including interior improvements; framing walls; electrical, mechanical, and plumbing work; and all finishes.

“While we had a general idea of how we wanted the place to look, it was your team that helped make the vision a reality. Your team provided some expert advice and in the process showed us how we can get maximum value for our money.”
Rich, Rick, Greg, and Dan, BORP CORP